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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our local website.

Seaford Street Pastors were set up in 2010 to meet the needs of our local community. We are a Churches together initiative led by local coordinators in partnership with our local council, police and statutory agencies.

We often surprise people when they realise that we are all willing volunteers, seeking no reimbursement other than the joy we impart on those we meet on the streets. We never accept money from those we help, although donations from anyone else are never refused (Please visit the donations section should you wish to help us in this way).

Our group is supported by a prayer team whenever we go out, as well as individual prayer support for each member of the team. This gives us the comfort of knowing that we are in Gods hands whilst we are out, and that he is guiding our path and looking after us.

Make a donation

If you value the work we do in Seaford, please consider helping us either with regular giving or a one off donation.

Join Us

In Seaford (as in most other areas) we are always looking for more volunteers.

National News

Check out the International Street Pastors website.