To Aberdeen Street Pastors


To Aberdeen Street Pastors

Aberdeen Street Pastors

Aberdeen Street Pastors is part of an inter-denominational church response to urban problems; engaging with people on the streets to listen, care and help. It was pioneered in London in January 2003 by Rev. Les Isaac, OBE.

In 2007, following discussions with Police, Aberdeen City Council, city churches and Aberdeen Inspired (the business community) and in response to violence and crime at night in Aberdeen city centre; Aberdeen Street Pastors was formed.  Our management team retains strong links with our partner organisations in the city.

Street Pastors, all volunteers, are trained before going out onto the city streets from 10pm-4am each Friday and Saturday night. We are a Christian organisation and draw our volunteers from approximately 35 churches across the city and beyond. Our aims are to bring peace and a Christian presence to the streets of Aberdeen; building relationships in the night-time community and serving where we can.

We seek to listen to, care for and help those who are in need or have found themselves in difficulty.  Where appropriate we offer prayer and we believe the Christian Gospel is relevant today and can speak into the lives of people who are burdened by some of their circumstances.

In addition we have a small team of School Pastors; supporting one of the city’s academies and its feeder primary schools.

In 2020, Aberdeen Street Pastors was awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Services.

In 2022, we are celebrating 15 years of “gaan oot intae toon”.  We welcome those coming into Aberdeen and hope you have a really enjoyable time. We hope you feel safe and remain in a good state.  However, for those who perhaps are lost, or feeling vulnerable or perhaps a little worse-for-wear, we are available Friday & Saturday nights in the city to ‘listen, care and help’ as best as we can.  We aim to have our ‘Safe Space’ truck in Union Street and a team walking around to support you.  Hopefully, when we see you, it will be to say “Hi” and to hear how much you are enjoying yourselves but if not, we will endeavour to be there for you.