Get on board with “Prayer Space” on “Safe Space”!

Aberdeen Street Pastors are digging deeper! We believe that prayer is essential to what we are about. It seems the more we pray for the city and for God to bless it our teams become more effective and engaging, none of us should be surprised! lol

Over the next few months we are going to emphasise the hidden work of prayer. Praying at home and or with the team is a vital ingredient to seeing the Street Pastor teams connecting in even more significant ways. We want to turn up in the right places at the right time, to serve and care for those that find themselves in vulnerable situations.  We want to be more sensitive to the needs, the hurts and the questions that people have…Prayer helps us do that!

Just so you know in March of this year we had 15 significant spiritual conversations on the street and 19 on Safe Space – in April we saw this increase to 36 people on the street and 43 on Safe Space! thats a significant increase! we also prayed for 14 people in March and in April we saw this rise to 22…and May is looking good too. It seems to be working! Prayer Works!!

Prayer softens hearts – often ours first! Prayer changes us and can turn situations prayer picaround, it helps us to catch God’s heart for our city. So we would love you to try praying! Why don’t you spend the next few months journeying with us as we seek to go a bit deeper together?

Aberdeen Street Pastors invites you to join our teams on a Friday or Saturday night to pray for the city. This can be done from home! Your Church and even the street if you’re really up for it! There is an open door to come on board our “safe space” truck and for a couple of hours pray in our prayer space… please contact the office and we will slot you in on the developing rota!

Please contact the office for more details if you’re interested in joining with us in praying for our city and the work of the Street Pastors.