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Training in 2018!

Are you interested in joining the team and making a difference in our city?  If so apply now to and we will get an application out to you asap.

Below are some dates you will need to pop into your diary.

Training 2018.

FEB 17th  10am : Roles and Responsibilities 1 and 2 (Credo Centre John Street)

FEB 24th 10am :Youth Culture of Today (Aberdeen Christian Fellowship)

MAR 3rd  10am: Police Partnership ( Queen Street Station )

MAR 10th 10 am: Roles and Responsibilities 3 ( Credo Centre John Street )

MAR 17th 10am: Goodnews ( Aberdeen Christian Fellowship)

MAR 22nd 7pm: PVG Training (Credo Centre John Street)

MAR 24th 10am: Alcohol and Drugs Awareness (Aberdeen Christian Fellowship)

Listening Skills TBA