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In Antigua training is carried out in two sections.

The first section is the Core Topics, these are usually covered over six evenings spread over two weeks and are for new recruits. Volunteers are expected to complete all of these sessions before joining patrols on the streets.

The Core Topics covered in the first six evenings are:
Roles and Responsibilities of Street Pastors.
Police: Community Policing, Drug Enforcement, Crime Stoppers, Weapons.
Drugs and Alcohol: Effects, Abuse, Treatment, Rehabilitation. First Aid.
Listening Skills. The Listening Ministry of Jesus.
Knowing Your Community.

The second section is the Extension Topics, these are usually covered in evening sessions that are spread throughout the year. Volunteers are expected to complete these sessions in 18 months.

The Extension Topics include:
Mental Health
Gender Based Violence
Youth Culture
Human Trafficking
Probation and the Justice System
Good News: Principles for living a Kingdom Life.