Who are we?

Here at Ashford Street Pastors, we are passionate about loving and caring for our town; and the people in it, in really practical ways. We are made up of volunteers from all walks of life; from churches all across the town, working together for Ashford!

What are “Street Pastors”?

“Street Pastors is about Christians rolling up their sleeves and getting involved in practically responding to the problems of crime and safety. They are like beacons on our streets and I want to see them shining brightly in every constituency.” – David Burrowes

Street Pastors started in London in 2003, and now have teams in over 300 towns and cities across the UK, and Ashford is 1 of them!

We partner with local police and the council to be an active presence on the streets of Ashford during peak night-life times. We provide practical support in the form of :

-Flip Flops (we know those dancing shoes aren’t always the most comfortable!)

-Bottled Water (hydration is key!)

-Spikeys Bottle Stoppers (safety is so important on a night out. Protect your drink. Protect yourself!)

-First Aid (just in case…)

[Amongst other things!]

What do we do?

We have 2 teams active most Friday Nights– our Street Pastor Team are out and about keeping the community safe in Ashford. They stop and chat to anyone they meet, caring; listening and helping (where appropriate), whilst supporting a peaceful presence on the night-time streets of Ashford. Our Prayer Pastor Team are back at base praying for our town, and for the safety of the people in it. We believe in the power of prayer, and our Prayer Pastors are a vital resource to us each week.

Get Involved!

We are entirely funded by regular donations and grants, and so if you would like to support us financially, we’d be so grateful! Click here for more about donating.

We started Ashford Street Pastors in November 2010, and are ever growing. We have loved every minute so far! Why don’t you become part of the story too? Find out more about how you can join our team, or financially give, to support what we do in Ashford.