Safe Space

Our vehicle is one of a network of Safe Spaces available in Ashford. A Safe Space is a designated premises open to any member of the public in need of immediate help and support.

Celebrating ten years

Ashford Street Pastors began patrolling in 2010. To celebrate this achievement 21 new street and prayer pastors were commissioned by Rev Les Isaac during the anniversary service.

Spotlight: The Prayer Pastors Team

The Prayer Pastors Team: An Interview with Janice   Whilst our Street Pastors patrol teams are out and about on the streets, our Prayer Pastors hold down the fort. Not everyone enjoys being on the front-line, and not everyone can commit to the time or training...

What’s In The Big Blue Bag?

One of the questions we get asked is: “What’s in the big blue bag?”
In answer we’ve unpacked one for you all.