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About Us

We are volunteers from the churches of Bangor (Gwynedd, North Wales) and the surrounding area who have a concern for our community. We go out onto the streets of Bangor at night, helping people to stay safe while they are out and to get home safely.

Our regular patrol night is Friday, so between the hours of 10pm and 4am (approximately) on a Friday night / Saturday morning you will find a team of four street pastors out on the streets of Bangor every week, in all weathers.  We are quite often out on Saturday nights too, usually 3 or 4 times per month.  Sometimes we do patrols at other times or in other places for particular occasions.

Our patrols are quite varied.  We often stop for a chat with people that we meet and we aim to provide a sympathetic listening ear for anybody who needs one.  We pick up bottles, glasses and tins that could be used as weapons and we clear up broken glass that we find, as well as giving out flip-flops to people who are walking barefoot.  We also give out other items, such as bottles of water or foil blankets, to people who need them and we often find ourselves helping somebody to find a taxi, waiting with them until their lift arrives or walking them home.

We are part of a worldwide network of Street Pastors that operate under the umbrella of Ascension Trust.  More information about the wider work of these organisations can be found at their websites.