Our Street Pastors give their time voluntarily to serve on the streets of our town. Each Street Pastor also commits to raise £300 towards their own training and uniform.

Additional funding is required to pay for the supplies we use on the streets and the administration of this work.

By becoming a friend of Street Pastors Barnsley, you would help secure the future of this work in our town. You’d be standing with us in our vision make a positive difference in the lives of young people and to bring peace to the streets of Barnsley and beyond.

By donating…

£1 per week

We could give safety blankets to 10 people per month to reduce the risk of hypothermia.

£2 per week

We could fully stock one of our first aid kits.

£3 per week

We could buy 3 packs of water. To give to both the homeless and those in need of rehydration.

£4 per week

We could pay to maintain our communication channels for a month. Our radio’s provide a vital link to the door supervisors and emergency services in the town, thus helping us to maintain peace on our streets and ensure the health and safety of those in our Town.

£5 per week

This would help us to train and equip a Street Pastor over a period of 12 months. We believe it’s a great investment! In 2011 our street pastors gave 1,795 voluntary hours in Barnsley, caring for vulnerable people, diffusing incidents of anti social behaviour and preventing incidents of violence.

Can you help us achieve this vision? If you’d like to become a friend of Street Pastors Barnsley by giving on a regular basis.

We are grateful for any support you can give.

If you would like to support us with a donation towards our running costs you can arrange this with our Treasurer, Peter Mulrooney, on 01226 247652 or 07528468327