We asked one of our long serving Street Pastors what it means to her to be a Street Pastor on the streets in Basingstoke. This is her amazing response.

Street Pastors

So, thinking of becoming a Street Pastor?

Or Street Pasty, Pastille or Pasta,

As they say on the street.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!


The revellers will love ya.

Come to trust ya.

‘You’re a legend,’ each weekend

To those that you’ll meet.


In a SP jacket, with rucksack

(and fluffy socks…

And thermals, if you’re cold like me).

On Fridays and Saturdays

Backed up by CCTV.


Yet, no feeling of dread.

Instead, faith led

Round the local clubs and bars.

Famous for …

Our lollipops and flip-flops.

A way into every situation.

The start of a life changing conversation?

And with time, and their permission

Our chance to live the Great Commission.


Long hours, there’s no denying.

And a body crying

In hail, wind and rain.

But I’ve gained

So many life skills

Ministering to those whom life’s killed.


His hands and His feet.

Out here on His streets.

Passing on

The faith -baton

To those who thirst

For a life in Christ.

Always non-judgemental.

Remember – God got there first.


Ever prayerful.

Always careful

To be a stepping stone

Not a stumbling block

To those whom life has knocked



We bring tea, coffee

And hot chocolate

To those of us

Less fortunate.

To those seen as idle.


Should be working.

Not true!


You see…

It’s more complicated

When you’re incarcerated

In a life of poor mental health, homelessness or poverty.


They ask, “Who cares?”

Those who dare …Will you?


Yes, we meet those with big attitude

But our chance to live the Beatitudes.

Blessed be the peacemakers.

To stop those known haters

In drink fuelled aggression

From heightening the tension

And go.


And we don’t always know

Just how little or how much

Of the lives we have touched.

But it’s always wonderful

To have been part of the Vulnerable’s Story.

To God be the glory

It’s clear.


And why I volunteer?

It started as self centered

Around my own family.

The God entered


And gave me His wake up shout.


Now, I’m in no doubt.

That there’s no end, indeed

To what a mustard seed

Of faith can do.


What about you?