A Very Happy New Year to you all. A time for looking back and planning ahead, I hope that all your hopes and dreams for 2015 hold true for you.
For us at Bathgate Street Pastors looking back on an incredible year we ask can we emulate the success of 2014? Looking back we celebrate many things; Runner Up in STV/RBS Finding Scotland’s” Real Heroes”, presented with the West Lothian Gateway “Charity Group of the Year” Award, Increasing our presence on the Street both in Patrol Dates and in the number of Observers and potential recruits, a new Prayer Support team started, Opportunities to visit Guilds and groups interested in our work, several successful fund raising events and continued financial support from supporters, from the continual anonymous donations, to regular commitments from local churches, visits by local members of BID , our local Councillors and Michael Connarty our MP our new Inspector of Police Drew Elliot, The Bathgate Divas Charity fundraiser and out own Coffee morning and bag packing events, donations from other groups and Charities. Most importantly however we continue to meet with the folks in our community and are able to Listen, Care and Help in many different ways bringing the love of Jesus to the Streets of Bathgate in a practical way.
All in all a great year.
We have had to say goodbye to a few friends over the last year who have gone on to pastures new, we thank them for their help and support and wish them well in the future.
So what will 2015 bring for us?
We have our Patrol Dates sorted and will be out more evenings over and above the last Saturday every month, beginning the 31st of January.
Training packages for the year in conjunction with Other Street Pastor Groups and with our very good friend PC David Arnott from the Community Policing department.
We have Fund raising events planned, Bag Packing in April amongst others.
We have a new committee and want to welcome Celeste as our new Treasurer and Prayer Secretary. Our Quarterly meeting will be next month to which all interested are welcome. The date to be announced shortly.
We hope to increase our membership and so this year our Target is to recruit new members to train and allow us to increase our presence in the streets. This will allow us to focus on what we are called to do.
Many have asked what our costs are, all are volunteers and so no salaries are required but we do have the cost of IT, A new computer and laptop have just been purchased for our secretary, the cost of the office facilities which we rent from Bathgate High Church, our HUB, (fuel,insurance,gas,tax ) mostly it is the cost of blankets, and Flip Flops.
If you would like to help in practical ways perhaps you may wish to donate flip flops. These can be purchased through, Foremost products Glasgow
We have just been informed that we have been invited to the Queens Garden Party in June in recognition of our work so already excitement mounts.
Many Thanks to all who have helped over the past years and thank you to all that will support us in the future.
We thank God for the opportunity to do his work in the streets and pray he continues to create opportunities for us to share our faith with others in Practical ways.
Many Blessings
Iain Scoular