SP Belfast Shaftsbury Square - removing bottles reducedWe are ordinary Christians from many different churches and even nationalities!

Street Pastors is the church in action on the streets to care, listen and help.

We meet every Saturday evening at 10:30pm to pray and get our equipment ready (flipflops, first aid kits, water, gloves for bottles etc). Then we head out into the streets in teams of 3 or 4 whatever the weather and do the following:

  • pick up bottles and broken glass (to prevent injury)
  • give out flipflops,
  • calm anti-social behaviour,
  • provide a listening ear
  • signpost to other help.
  • stay with vulnerable people until we are sure they have a safe way home.
  • pray with anyone who wants prayer, but we don’t preach or push ‘religion’

Beth & Paul with shamrocksWe normally get back to base at 2:30 or 3am, write up some notes, pray and go home.

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Belfast Street Pastors is a registered charity (NIC105299) and a Limited Company (NI631556).

Data Protection

Belfast Street Pastors have recently commenced reviewing how we store personal data, and are working to ensure that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulations and in accordance with the guidance from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We will only retain information about you which is adequate to meet the relevant need for which it was intended.  For both information received in the past, and any new information that you provide, we will review this information each year and ensure that data and information is removed where it is not required.  Information which is stored physically, for example paper records will be stored privately and securely.  Information held electronically, for example on computer databases will also be held securely and only accessed by individuals who have a purpose connected with church business to access it.

Belfast Street Pastors only retain information which has been provided in the past as long as it continues to be necessary.  We will be removing information that we believe is no longer relevant – If you have provided your details in the past for a specific purpose, and would like these removed, please let us know.  Personal data will not be disclosed outside of our organisation without your consent.  Any new information which you provide will be treated in line with current data regulations.

Belfast Street Pastors Management Committee will monitor this on a yearly basis to ensure that the organisation is complying with this. If you would like more information about the manner in which we look after personal data, please contact us.