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Blackwood Street Pastors

We are very grateful to the Mothers’ Union, Monmouth Diocese, who provided six groups of Street Pastors with items they need. They gave 192 pairs of flip-flops, 300 space blankets, 612 small bottles of water and 720 sweet lollipops as well as a uniform and part of a display stand.

The Commissioning Service for the New Street Pastor scheme in Risca was held on the 21st November – 6 New Street Pastors from Blackwood were commissioned along side them. Photo includes some of our existing volunteers who came to support them also Alan Webber, who initiated the scheme in this area along with Howard Reese & Steve Keenan who continue to support the scheme on behalf of Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership.

We had a great time sharing the Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership Tent at the ‘Big Cheese’ in Caerphilly in the Summer!