Canterbury Church Leaders patrol with the Street Pastor Team

Pastor David of St Andrew’s Church in Canterbury was the first of our local church leaders to take up the challenge of spending a couple of hours with the team.  Below is a copy of his thoughts about our ministry.


Church Leader experiences Night Economy in Canterbury

You can hear about the good work of the Street Pastors, read and be impressed by the monthly stats, and listen to the great stories but there is no substitute for experiencing their work first hand. So it was that last night I went out with the team. Working in partnership with the police and council they bring light and laughter and practical help to the incredible number of people out for a good time on the streets and in the clubs/pubs of Canterbury. I must confess that no amount of preparation could prepare me for the huge numbers out and about: the High Street at midnight was as full as it often in at 12 noon, and that takes no account of the thousands in the clubs and pubs. The Team gave out chocolate and lollipops, offered flip flops to shoeless girls, and had many good conversations with individuals and groups. They also spoke with the multiple rough sleepers around our city ensuring they were okay and offering water and space blankets. It was a privilege to go out with the team, and what a great on-the-job discipleship training Street Pastors is!!

Revd. David Bedford

St Andrews CanterburyPastor David and Team June 2015 (1)