We are returning to the wonderful streets of Canterbury. 

26th of June is our first patrol out. we are excited and raring to go!. we are looking forward to getting back out there and being a part of the night time scene in the city. We are commissioning 9 new recruits and inducting new team leaders on the same day in our commissioning service.

We are starting a new chapter in the life of Canterbury Street Pastors. We have been out of action since last March before the pandemic hit. Now we have had time to reset and build on what we have. with hard work from those in the background. we are now in a better place to move forward. all street pastor members and prayer pastors are ready to restart. we have been praying for the organisation, the team and the city throughout lockdown. we have kept in touch online. now we can go back on to the streets and do what we do best.

Caring – Listening – Helping 

We are out between 10pm and 4am every Saturday. if you’re out in the city, come and say hi!

If you want to know more information; contact our Coordinator Andrew at Coordinator@canterburystreetpastors.org