Canterbury Street Pastors

Coordinator Report 2021 and Strategy for 2022

Review 2020-2021

It has been an interesting time for Canterbury Street Pastors. Starting in the midst of lockdown and off the streets. We have kept the team together with online prayer session every week on a Saturday Night from 9pm. We have had some great sessions. The team have been resilient throughout. We started adding in, in-person prayer walks once we were physically possible as the country unlocked slowly. This enabled the team to meet each other again and bond. We collectively prayed for the streets of Canterbury and the work the team do out there.

Rebuilding foundations

During this time, I have set about rebuilding the admin infrastructure. Building a new document matrix that enables us to see everyone’s document trail. Requesting every street pastor to resubmit their forms again, find out what training has been done and still doing. Whilst adding new places for new recruits. Everyone has had a new DBS check completed.

We are now in a better place moving forward for new recruits coming in. we have a better governance structure in place. With thanks to working with Liz Jenkins – Chair of trustees, we are able to secure our foundations.


In June, we had our long-awaited commissioning service on the 26th June 2021. This was a great service, led by Liz and myself. With our guest speaker, Arch-deacon Jo Kelly-Moore and special guest, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury.

During the service we Commissioned 9 members including myself and welcomed 4 new team leaders to the fold.

This was a momentous occasion that heralded the return of Street Pastors to patrols that night. We have been out since then and enjoying the company of each other back out on the streets.

We currently have 21 street pastors, of which are:

  • 5 Team Leaders
  • 13 street pastors
  • 4 new recruits – 2 of these are returning Street Pastors

In 2021 we have added 6 new recruits including myself.

My goal was to add 5 new recruits by the end of the year, which has been reached. We look to adding more next year.

We now have a great team of street pastors and I am personally very proud of them!

I have started producing monthly newsletters since January and adding to our facebook page. Our social media presence continues to grow.


September saw us working at the 4 University freshers Fairs and 2 community hubs. I have been involved throughout the year with the Community Safety Partnership, led by the Council and supported by the Police and other agencies in and around Canterbury. This has been a valuable resource with knowing what is going on in our city and community. Keeping the community relations going. We are working alongside Canterbury BID team, providing safer streets in the city via the Purple Flag Accreditation.

10th Anniversary Celebrations

I believe I speak for everyone and say that it was a successful and inspiring event. I thank those that helped make it happen.


Strategy Plan – April 2021

I looked at 4 areas for development back then. This is where we are at with those plans.

Full Team.

We were in a position of 2 seniors, 14 Street Pastors and a number of Prayer Pastors. = 16 We now have 4-5 Team Leaders (Nick currently off with Mental health issues) 13 regular Street Pastors and 4 new recruits = 22

We will pick up recruitment again in the new year.

Church support

After the successful events of the Commissioning service and the 10th Anniversary Celebrations. Street Pastors are hopefully back in the minds of churches and leaders. I look forward to visiting Churches in the new year, as most churches have mostly reopened now.

I had started to visit the churches of our current members to support them in their home churches as an informal visit. I will pick up again soon.

Community Partnership

It has been a busy time since April. With regular CSP (community Safety Partnership) online meetings, NTE (Night time Economy) and HE/FE (Students) meetings. Freshers Fairs at UKC, CCCU, UCA. Community Safety Hubs.

I have earmarked 4 charities to help support throughout 2022. These are;

  • Rising Sun Domestic Violence and Abuse Service
  • Catching lives
  • Community Larder
  • Connecting Canterbury

These charities have an enormous impact on the community in Canterbury and I would like Canterbury Street Pastors to Support and encourage these 4 throughout the year. Highlighting various events, the work that they do, and signposting where necessary. With the use of our monthly newsletter and social media platforms.

I have recently attended the AGM for the Rising Sun service and now have great links with various members of the team. They deal with vulnerable women and men on a regular basis. I will be arranging an awareness seminar for Street Pastors and friends in the new year.

We have met with the Canterbury BID team out on the streets. This was a planned evening where they walked around with us for a while on patrol. This will be repeated again soon.  (Twice a year)

We are in talks with the Police and CSP for giving Bystander training for all Street Pastors, what to look out for on the streets, local knowledge from the police.

I seek to build better links with the Police and their community liaison officer. I would like to have regular meetings with them, reporting to them our monthly reports.

Team training

We have 3 recruits Currently in Training. Tom, Denise and SJ.  With varying levels of completion.

With the training rota restarting around Late Jan – early Feb, I hope to have new recruits from church promotions by then. I would like 5 to start and end the coming year with 10 in total.

There is an issue with the training timetable. As in the timetable duration mean that some new recruits may take up to 6 months to complete.

I am wanting to put some local training sessions in Jan-Feb. to include

  • Police local knowledge and
  • First Aid
  • Domestic abuse awareness – Rising Sun Service
  • Akon Security – De-escalation training and introduction to door staff roles
  • Prayer Training – Lyndall Bywater

I hope to build up a better picture of what’s going on in Canterbury.

Approaching the new year…

Coming into the new phase of development of Canterbury Street Pastors.

Prayer Pastors

We need a new Prayer Coordinator to help build on the prayer teams that we have. With new training and support for the current prayer pastors. When we have our next Commissioning service, we need to commission prayer Pastors and recognise their valuable service alongside the street pastors. It is as much a calling as the SP team. I want to bring in local training for the team and new recruits. With local trainers. We can open it up to other initiatives.

Church Interaction

Now that Churches are coming back into in-person meetings, I will arrange a programme of Church visits. Including those that have street pastor members and building new connections. We need new promotional material, including flyers, posters, banners and sign- up sheets. I will build a new sub team from the street pastors to become our SP promo team.

I will be inviting Church leaders out on observation patrols too,

Team Development

I plan to recruit at least 5 new street pastors in the first half of the year and then another 5 for the latter half. 10 new recruits for the year. As it is taking roughly 6 months to train a new recruit fully.

We will look to put new Local training in place for the team, at the beginning of the year and throughout. There are always new things we can learn and discovery about Canterbury and its night life.


We can learn a lot from each other in different area initiatives. It will be beneficial to go out with other teams either as an observer or on patrol. If team members are able to go out with other teams. A night with other teams to learn how others patrol. Even joining other prayer teams, We’re all Street Pastor’s at the end of the day.

We have a schools visit 6th Dec, next Monday. A GCSE Religious Studies class from Marsh Academy, New Romney are coming to find out about Street Pastors. What we do? Why We do it?



Monthly Figures from the patrols


Patrol June -July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Total
Flip-flops 29 10 26 9     74
Water 24 20 36 14     94
Glass 66 8 71 34     179
Space Blankets/Ponchos 1 2 0 0     3
Rough Sleepers 20 23 30 14     87
Prayer 1 4 2 3     10
Encounters 84 31 40 35     190
Faith Chats 4 6 10 5     25


Here are the figures since we restarted. We have streamlined our count.

We stopped collecting cans, due to Covid. Glass Can still be used as a weapon, so we continue to it pick up. And we have stopped counting urinators, it still happens but not necessary for the count.

A noticeable difference is that we are encountering more people and majority are positive and encouraging. Providing the teams with much needed inspiration.

From the monthly reports, we are seeing an upsurge in spiking and vulnerable females. And a reduction of homeless visible on the high street, this maybe due to the council’s project to rehouse as many homeless with available funds.

People are most grateful for flip flops, water and lollies. Supplies are good at the moment and now look to offer another size.