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“My sister and sister in law we’re both walking bare foot through Canterbury town last night,and 2 lovely pastors begged them to wear the brand new flip flops they had for people as they we’re concerned about lots of smashed glass! My sister and sister in law (and my self even tho I had cleverly brought my own flats so didn’t need flip flops,and kind of jealous I didn’t get any :-)) are very greatful for the work you do and will be donating even though the lovely pastors said this wasent necessary! The world is full of suck darkness that this kindness is a breath of fresh air!
Thank you once again and keep up your lovely work as u have inspired us to show a bit more kindness also
“Not often in my life has someone been randomly kind to me like you were tonight. Thankyou for the flip flops, next time I’ll wear flat shoes!!! Thanks again”

“I was out In town Saturday night and three members of the Canterbury street pastors, helped my drunken partner out. They was very supportive and helpful, I really appreciate all the help they done that night. And what an excellent job too! They was 3 lovely people who I would trust if I was in a bad state!! Words can’t say how thankful we are, excellent job guys!!”

“Thanks for finding my driving licence and returning it to me, you guys have saved me from a lot of trouble and that am  really happy about getting it back. Thank you! I am glad there are people like you guy’s out there.”

“Thankyou so much for my flip flops last night…I was shocked when u pulled them out…very much appreciated! Please let me know where I can donate some money”

“Last night I was shown that there are still some amazing and generous people out there. I was in the ‘barefoot at 3am’ zone down the high street where out popped a lovely lady who handed myself and a friend a pair of flip flops, I was told they were volunteers and do this to protect the good people of the night as I was watching another sweeping glass off the path. I praise you all and Thankyou for showing me there is good people out there!!”

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