Canterbury Street Pastors, like all Street Pastor Schemes, is setup through the Ascension Trust and operate on a model of partnership that is often described as the ‘Urban Trinity’.

We do this by working in partnership with:

  • Participating local churches, and signed up supporters
  • The police
  • Local government

In order to reach those in need.

Community Engagement

Canterbury Street Pastors have had the privilage to work alongside Canterbury Bid, Purple Flag, Safter Streets Campaign and the Canterbury Community Safety Partnership.

Working alongside our Parnters to help provide a safe enviornment in the city. amongst the Students, Residents and Vistors to the night time economy.

The Purple Flag accediation scheme awards cities on their safety, wellbeing, customer experiences. It is independantly judged by the Purple flag staff.

Canterbury has been awarded for the 11th year in a row. and continues to be a city known for it’s safety nationally.

Also, we a part of the safer streets campaign. which has bought together 10 different projects across the city to help prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). of which Canterbury Street Pastors are a group partner and have had funding from the home office to progress our position in the city.

The Best Bar None awards are similar to the Purple Flag Scheme, but for Bars and Venues in the city. 19 venues have signed up in its first year. Canterbury Street Pastor was awarded for their ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Night-time Economy’

Overall, it is an honour to be a part of these groups and partnerships. As we are a part of these groups, we bring Christ with us and keep Christ in the conversations, to have a Christian influence in the city.