Could you spare a few hours on a Friday evening once a month?

Would you consider spending them in support of our amazing Street Pastors?

It’s not an onerous task. We arrive around 7.15pm and one of us prays for the team before they go out (that need not be you if you are not happy praying out loud!). We then make ourselves comfortable on the sofas and chat a bit, pray for a while, talk some more and pray some more throughout the evening. Again if praying out loud is not for you it doesn’t matter, God still hears, and if you are not comfortable with extempory prayer you can bring something to read out if you want to. We often bring a book or something to do between our prayers. Often the street pastors phone us and ask for prayer for a concern that they have picked up and we will respond to that. The street pastors return for a break mid-evening and we make them a hot drink, supply them with biscuits and listen if they have anything they want to share. We leave to go home when they go out for their second session, after praying with them again, and we are usually home not long after 10pm.

Please consider joining us.  We are feeling rather stretched due to lack of numbers but still enjoy what we do and feel it is a very worthwhile effort.