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JoinStreet Pastors are Christians from all denominations who have a passion for Jesus and for the betterment of the community they live in.

For more information look at the main Street Pastor website

Here in Chepstow we have volunteers from every church, all working together. We have 3 differing roles to offer anyone wanting to be involved.

Street Pastors – Street Pastors have no legal authority, and no agenda: they are just there to provide help and support. This may involve:

  • waiting with someone hurt for an ambulance to arrive, allowing the police to move on
  • calling a relative to come and collect a drunk youngster, and then waiting with them
  • providing flip-flops to young women too drunk to cope with high heels and therefore at risk of cutting feet on broken glass
  • chatting to people who are on the edge of a violent event and so calming situations down
  • or listening to people who need to talk, or who are upset or frightened, and directing them to appropriate help

If you would like to join us as a Street Pastor, you must be:

1. a member of a local Christian church or Christian fellowship for more than one year
2. referenced positively by your church minister and someone else who knows you well
3. aged over 18
4. prepared to complete an enhanced DBS check and confidential self declaration
5. committed to a training programme of 12 sessions

Our Chepstow Street Pastor Recruitment and Training 2014 document covers the details.

Base Pastors – stay in the base all evening and cover the patrol with prayer, respond to prayer requests from the patrol during the evening, provide a safe and warm place for the patrol to take breaks.

If you would like to join us as a Base Pastor, you must comply with 1 – 4 above and:
5. committed to a 1 day training session covering Roles & Responsibilities

Prayer Pastors – remain at home but commit to praying for the team whilst on duty and for Street Pastors locally and nationally.

If you would like to join us a Prayer Pastor, you must comply with 1- 2 above.

Contact our Co-ordinator Verena Evans for a chat and she will advise you on how to start the process. Email: or phone 07703 360021


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