Chester Street Pastors is not just involved in helping people in Chester’s nightlife. We also facilitate several other organisations from within our charity, one of these being Cheshire West School Pastors.

We spoke to Linda Jenyon, our School Pastors coordinator, to find out a bit about her role:

Hi Linda! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Linda Jenyon and I attend Festival Church in Chester and enjoy being involved in church life. I am part of the welcome team, worship group, prayer team and our very own Festival orchestra in which I play the clarinet and the recorder (I love music!!) I took early retirement from teaching in 2013 and now work part time at a local solicitors office as practice manager. I have one son who is married and I have a beautiful grandson called Arthur who is 18 months old and is a delight!

How did you first get involved with School Pastors?

After I took early retirement from teaching I was then able to volunteer as a School Pastor. I was aware of the work the School Pastors were doing and I felt that it was very valuable and wanted to help make a difference in the lives of the pupils as best I could.

What is your role in School Pastors? What does it involve?

I am the Coordinator of West Cheshire School Pastors working in Ellesmere Port Church of England College. This role involves ensuring all the School Pastors have the training they require to carry out the role and being there to support and encourage them in the activities that we undertake with the pupils. I work in partnership with the school particularly the chaplain Ian Anderson in arranging what the School Pastors will be doing. At present we are involved with reading, listening and mentoring, prayer spaces and a range of other events throughout the year. It is a real privilege to be a part of the school community and School Pastor team.

What is your favourite part about being a School Pastors coordinator?

I love every aspect of the job but actually being with the pupils, getting to know and help them is very satisfying and fulfilling. I also really enjoy working alongside the School Pastors and feel we are a very strong and dedicated team.

What would you say that  School Pastor’s biggest need/challenge at the moment is?

There two aspects of our ministry that are a challenge. One is recruitment and building up numbers in the team and also fund raising.

What you would say to someone considering getting involved in School Pastors?

If you have a passion for young people, enjoy being with them and want to see them flourish and make a difference in their lives then School Pastors may be the ministry for you.

Thanks Linda!

If you would like to know more, then you can email Linda at