Elaine, one of our Trustees who is responsible for Street Pastor training, writes this week about why our Street Pastors undertake regular training.

The aim of all the training available to Chester Street Pastors is to give them the Christian tools to be effective expressions of God’s love, through giving their time and care to become bridge-builders in today’s society.

All training aims therefore to:-

  • Provide Pastors with practical skills to be effective expressions of God’s love and compassion in today’s society.
  • Help Pastors develop their ability to work productively and harmoniously with Christians from different denominations and backgrounds to demonstrate the Kingdom value of love for people regardless of their backgrounds.
  • Inspire the Christian community to cultivate the ability to work creatively with a range of local government agencies and voluntary agencies for the well-being of the community.
  • Motivate Christians to become better citizens, contributing positively to the social, political, education, economic and religious well-being of the community.
  • Inspire Christians to creatively and truthfully blend social action with their faith to bring hope and change within the community.