Elaine, one of our Trustees who is responsible for Street Pastor training, writes this week about how our Street Pastors are trained.

How initial training happens:

  • For new volunteers it begins with the opportunity to join two Friday or Saturday night patrols in Chester, to observe the Street Pastors in action and experience the night time community.
  • After observing, there is then a one day (9.30am – 3.30pm) day to explore the roles and responsibilities for Street Pastors.
  • Cheshire West Police will, as soon as possible, provide a 3 hour ‘Safety Training’ session.
  • To complete this initial training there is opportunity to visit the CCTV control room in the Chester Town Hall.


How training continues and refreshes:

  • Chester Street Pastors have an annual training programme with 9 sessions per year held locally at monthly intervals for about 2 hours in the evening. We do not have training sessions in April, August or December.
  • Topics covered regularly within a 3 year cycle are;
  • Listening Skills, Teamwork, Safeguarding, Youth culture, Drug and Alcohol awareness, Mental Health, Good News, Prayer, Knowing our own community, Own Town organisations and provisions. Annual review of the year and future vision with the Trustees.
  • A 3 year certificated First Aid Course is usually a 6 hour session held on a Saturday.


What our Street Pastors gain from training sessions:-

  • Opportunity to get to know and encourage each other.
  • Keeping up to date with what is going on both in the community and within our organisation.
  • Chatting to our Trustees and Management Team.
  • Receiving and being up to date with education on relevant topics.
  • Being the best disciples they can to be salt and light to all they meet on the streets in Chester at night.