We’ve recently been getting in touch with some of the other organisations that we partner with to see what they have to say about Chester Street Pastors. Nicholas White from CH1ChesterBID, answered some questions for us:


How is your organisation linked with Chester Street Pastors?

We help fund the street pastors and work closely with them on various night time economy projects such as Purple Flag.


What difference does Chester Street Pastors make to your organisation?

They help make Chester a safer and more welcoming night time destination.


Do you have a specific memory or experience where Chester Street Pastors made a positive impact?

I have observed them helping vulnerable people in a very sensitive way so that they were able to get home safely.


What difference does Chester Street Pastors make in the city of Chester?

They have a huge impact and are held in high regard by not only CH1ChesterBID but also night time economy venues, police and the local authority.


What would you say to another organisation who was thinking of supporting or working with Chester Street Pastors?

They are compassionate dedicated and knowledgeable. They help make our city a safer place.


Thanks Nicholas!


If you’d like any more information about CH1ChesterBID, you can visit their website at https://ch1chesterbid.co.uk/

If you or your organisation is interested in funding Chester Street Pastors, please head to our Give page for more information, or Contact Us.