School Pastors was formally commissioned in 2011 and since that time the initiative has grown slowly, and there are now 30 School Pastor projects in the UK where around 300 volunteer School Pastors are active.

A School Pastor is someone who is:-

  • A bridge builder who promotes good relations
  • A good listener who is willing to lend an ear
  • A good example, by being a positive role model
  • Understands another person’s perspective
  • A true giver of both time and love

Cheshire West School Pastors started in 2012 where we have been serving The Ellesmere Port Church of England College (previously Ellesmere Port Church of England Academy) and we have 9 active School Pastors on the team.

The School Pastors work closely with The Chaplain, the Head of Religious Studies and the Special Needs Coordinator.

School Pastors attend and support the weekly staff prayers and meet staff. They are also a part of the school pastoral procedure and give listening/mentoring support to pupils who are referred for a variety of reasons. School Pastors are in the school about 4 days per week for different sessions so are a frequent reassuring presence within the school.

The School Pastors also support the school in other events such as Prayer Spaces, assemblies, induction day for new year 7’s, and other one off events the school need our support for.

The ministry is overseen by Ascension Trust and Bejoy Pal is the National Coordinator, he says:-

“School and College Pastors offer something that today’s society is in worryingly short supply; an adult who is willing to perform the simple task of listening to a child. This act tells the child that they are valued and that their opinion matters and can provide the foundation for greater self-confidence and educational attainment”