6097609-largeOn Saturday 5th July Street Pastor Kaleigh and myself accepted an invitation to represent Chesterfield Street Pastors from the High Sheriff of Derbyshire, David Coleman and his wife Hilary at a reception held at Ripley Police HQ.  Kaleigh was delighted to overhear us being referred to by a young police officer as one of the ‘toffs’ at the reception.  Made her day as neither of us have ever been ‘toffs’ before!

The reception was lovely and afterwards on the way back to the car we stopped to look at the police cars and technology that were on display.  True to form for those that know me, we took a wrong turn on the way out and had to stop and ask a police officer how to get out!

David and Hilary had asked if they could come out with a team of Street Pastors one Saturday to see what they do. We arranged this for Saturday 26th July.  With all his experience as a police officer I doubt that Chesterfield night  life held many surprises for the High Sheriff but we hope he was able to see the value of our street pastors and the good work they do in support of the police.

David has set himself the challenge of walking the county boundary (204 miles) in one day stages over the next couple of months to raise money for our mountain rescue services.  If you would like to join him for one of the walks, keep track of his progress or donate towards the charity fund have a look at his website for details:  www.derbyshirehighsheriff.co.uk