Clacton Street Pastors are men and women who are followers of Jesus Christ who are seeking to do what Jesus would have done – that is listening to, caring for and helping anyone who finds themselves in need whilst they enjoy themselves in the clubs and pubs of central Clacton. The Street Pastors are non-judgemental and may assist in making sure someone gets home safely, being in attendance whilst waiting for an ambulance or just lending an understanding ear. All the volunteers are members of local churches and are out and about on Saturday evenings from 11pm to 3am as well as on bank holidays. At such times they can be contacted on 07532 136813. Clacton Street Pastors are grateful for the support of Tendring District Council and Clacton Police and liaise with the Clacton SOS bus.

The Clacton Street Pastor’s group, whilst being totally independent, are affiliated to and licensed by the national Street Pastors organisation called the Ascension Trust and operate according to their guidelines, standards and policies. Each volunteer undergoes a standard training course as well as on-going training. Clacton Street Pastors are managed by Churches Together in Clacton.