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What’s it all about?

We all long to be loved. To know that someone cares for us, is always there for us whatever happens and is dedicated to our wellbeing and happiness.  The Good News is that there is someone. This someone is the person who made us, God himself. In fact he loves us so much that he sent his son, Jesus, to this earth to show us what true self- sacrificing committed love was all about. To show this love Jesus cared for the hungry and healed the sick. But Jesus knew this wasn’t enough.

In order for every man and woman to know God’s love it was necessary to deal with the breakdown in the relationship between God and ourselves. That breakdown is not on God’s side because he has always loved us, loves us now and will always love us. The breakdown has been caused by giving our maker the push. We have said to God we don’t want you and we have rejected his love.

We say we can live our own lives and don’t need him – we are rebels. The consequences are that God honours our wishes and we are left to find our own way. He gives us the freedom to reject him both for now and forever. As we do this we hurt ourselves and others and God is hurt as well.

Just like making it up after a row we have to be prepared to say sorry and where necessary make amends. It also means making time and putting in the effort to work at the restored relationship. Jesus knew that to restore our relationship with God someone had to make amends. The only problem was we have each hurt God so much that we could never do that. But Jesus, who had never hurt God, could make amends on our behalf. The cost was enormous even his own life.

You can’t give more than that and you can’t love more than being prepared to die for others. That’s what Jesus was doing when he was put to death on a cross. Three days later God brought him back to life and we can know Jesus for ourselves.


So what can you and I do to start for the first time or restore our relationship with God and to know Jesus for ourselves. Here are four steps we can make.

L – let go of our rejection of God by admitting that we don’t want to be in  rebellion against God anymore.

O – openly say sorry to God and accept his forgiveness made possible through the death of Jesus

V –  vow, that means seriously promise, from now on to love God

E –  expect to put in time and effort as we work at this new relationship and expect to receive and experience God’s new life.


Ask any Street Pastor if you’d like to know more or if you would like to make those steps.