Our volunteers

Coleraine Street Pastors was founded in 2014.  Since then we have had four or five teams out every weekend in town centres and housing estates, pubs and clubs.

All our street pastors are members of local Christian churches who


Out on the streets

​We wear blue uniforms with STREET PASTORS in luminous lettering, so we are easy to spot.

On Friday evenings our Coleraine teams patrol the town centre and estates in Coleraine, the Heights, Ballysally, Millburn and Harpers Hill, also sometimes estates in Portrush.  On Friday evenings, a team of Ballymoney street pastors also patrols in Ballymoney town centre and Riverside Park.

We keep an eye out for anybody in need and are happy to connect with anyone who is out and about, particularly young people. We believe that our work helps to strengthen the community and make the streets safer.

Late on Saturday nights, one team patrols in Portrush town centre and Kelly’s, while another team covers Portstewart town and the bars and clubs there, also looking out to keep people safe along the Promenade and the rocks

We sweep up broken glass, pick up glass bottles, hand out flip flops and foil bodywarmers and help people to taxis.   At times people are sick, upset, lonely, worse for wear or want to talk. We stay with them until they are ready to move or until further help arrives. We call the emergency services if needed.  Our purpose is to be a reassuring presence on the streets, helping everybody be safer late at night.


Follow-up help

We carry information on a range of agencies that provide help of different kinds. Anyone can continue a conversation the next day by contacting the Street Pastor coordinator by phone or email.



Football patrols

In 2016 we started occasional football patrols on Saturday afternoons, at the request of the Police, for matches that may be contentious.



Response Pastors

Some of our experienced street pastors have been trained for the role of response pastors – volunteers who provide physical and emotional support in times of crisis.

Whatever context they are in, street pastors offer reassurance, safety and support through listening, caring and helping. They work together with other partners to make communities safer.