Prayer Pastor Training

1. As a first step, anyone interested in prayer pastoring is welcome to join the prayer pastors to pray at base while a patrol is on. This is the best way to find out if it is for you.  You can also go to the National Street Pastors Prayer page here for more information.  

2. Prospective volunteers then complete the application form and confidential self declaration form.  Download these here (Both in the same document).    We also need you to provide a reference from your church leader.  Download here.  Email these or post these to the prayer Co-ordinator before your first training session.   Alternatively apply online HERE.

3. Each prayer pastor is required to do Roles & Responsibilities training (a Saturday morning and afternoon). Although the rest of the training is optional, they are encouraged to do as many other training sessions as they can; each session helps them to understand the street pastors’ work better.

4. Each prayer pastor should do the Prayer Pastor Training session at the next opportunity.

5.Each prayer pastor is asked to sign the Volunteers’ Agreement which includes a commitment to confidentiality and to the Street Pastors ethos, as well as a willingness to be available for one prayer shift a month.

5. In the meantime, even before doing the Prayer Pastor training session, they should go out on one shift on the streets to observe a Street Pastor patrol.

6. Before they start regular monthly prayer shifts at base, they should read the Volunteers Handbook and sign the Volunteers Agreement Form.

Volunteer Specification


  • 18 or over
  • Have been part of a Christian church for at least a year
  • A good positive reference from the church leader
  • Willing to do the Prayer Pastor training

Also Important

  • A desire to serve others in the name of Jesus
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Dependence on God and awareness of spiritual issues
  • Commitment to a Christian lifestyle, growing in faith, truth, love and obedience
  • Accountability to church leadership and Street Pastor leadership