• As a first step we suggest that prospective volunteers join a patrol as an observer. This helps them to get a feel for what goes on and to be realistic about what is involved in street pastoring.
      • Complete the application form and confidential self declaration form.  Download these here (both in the same document).  We also need you to provide a reference from your church leader.  Download here.    Email or post these to the co-ordinator before your first training session.

    Alternatively apply online HERE.

      • Do an Enhanced Access NI check, including an interview with a couple of trustees during the training.  Information available at training.
      • Training usually happens on Saturdays over a period of about 3 months- sometimes a morning and an afternoon and sometimes just a morning. The full training includes 12 sessions, each session being about 3 hours long. Although it is demanding timewise, it is not difficult.  In fact most volunteers thoroughly enjoy meeting other volunteers from other churches and find lots in common. We have great trainers and find that the training is excellent at equipping us for life and ministry.  At the beginning we ask volunteers to contribute a nominal amount (£20) towards the cost of training.
      • Two supervised patrols are part of the training process.
      • Uniform is provided towards the end of the training.
      • When a volunteer signs a Volunteer Agreement at the end of training and he/she is ready to be on the monthly rota and commit to one patrol each month.
      • .Newly trained volunteers are commissioned within a year of training.
      • Street Pastors are expected to complete further new and refresher training sessions as available, usually no more than 2 per year. These are usually pleasant social occasions as well as training!

      We are always happy to answer questions or talk through what is involved, so do contact us. We would love to hear from you!

New Street Pastor commissioning

Group training

Volunteer Specification


  • 18 or over 
  • Have been part of a Christian church for at least a year
  • A good positive reference from the church leader
  • Satisfactory Enhanced Access NI check & interview by 2 trustees
  • Willing to contribute £20 towards cost of training 
  • Willing to do the Street Pastor Training


Also Important

  • A desire to serve others in the name of Jesus
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Sufficient ‘street understanding’ to be aware of danger and not be easily offended.
  • A non-judgmental attitude
  • Dependence on God and awareness of spiritual issues
  • Adequate physical fitness
  • Commitment to a Christian lifestyle, growing in faith, truth, love and obedience
  • Accountability to church leadership and Street Pastor leadership