Hi there,

These are some useful things to know about us;

We are recognised by An Garda Siochána for “playing a vital role within the night time economy in safeguarding those on the streets of Cork city”. Our volunteers have a passion for putting their faith into action, not by preaching at people but by showing the love and kindness of Jesus through:

Caring for those feeling unwell, perhaps physically sick from over indulgence, emotionally hurting who just need a listening ear, or victims of an assault.

Providing support until someone is well enough to make their way safely, get collected or until an ambulance arrives.

Removing over 32,000, bottles (potential weapons) to date from the street, sweeping up broken glass, providing thermal blankets and free flip flops (over 3,500 pairs), to protect ladies against cuts, sprains, sore feet and ankles.

Texts and Stories from the Street

“Thanks for putting my daughter in a taxi last night. You have no idea how grateful I am that she was looked after”

“Glass from a broken bottle cut a vein in my wife’s foot. Had it not been for the Street Pastors who administered first-aid, supported us and got us to hospital, it could have been much worse”

“Hey lads, what’s the story?” a young girl, unknown to us, suddenly stopped and asked of the team. She wanted to get away from an uninvited male who was upsetting her. Team had her quietly and safely away in a taxi minutes later.

“Thanks for caring for me, I was in a bad place but saw a counsellor since and have begun to address my issues”