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To Croydon Street & School Pastors

Croydon Street & School Pastors

Hi. welcome to Croydon Street Pastors new site! We hope to upload dome news and information from time to time – in the meantime, you can find us where we’ve always been: here!


Croydon Street Pastors are a team of local volunteers out on the streets of Croydon at night while many clubbers and pub–goers are out enjoying a good time with their friends. Our role is to listen, to offer help in any way we can, and to care for people’s well being. Here you’ll find some info about our work, and our contact details if you wish to get in touch.


If you see us out and about on the streets at night, say “Hi” and give us a cheerful wave. Or, if you’ve a few minutes to spare, come over for a chat!

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