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About Us

Who are Croydon Street Pastors?


We are a team of volunteers from Croydon churches.

We are out on the streets on Friday or Saturday night.

Our role is to to be available to people who are out and about in the night economy, hopefully enjoying themselves, keeping safe and having a good time. However, for some the experience is not so positive. We simply listen to people, and demonstrate care for their wellbeing by helping them in any way we can.

For example: we provide…

  • flip–flops for those who’ve abandoned their high heels,
  • bottles of water to those who are dehydrated or have drunk too much alcohol,
  • wet wipes for those who’ve been sick and need to clean up,
  • basic first aid for those who’ve been injured,
  • info on where to safely find a taxi or night bus.

…otherwise, we’re just here for a friendly chat!

Interested in our work? Keen to get involved? Why not join the team!

Who are Croydon School Pastors?


Our School Pastor team are available mid–week at the end of the day when young people are heading home from school. Our role is to accompany them to the bus and tram stops, ensuring they don’t get into trouble or cause a nuisance to other members of the public.

Sometimes young people want to chat about what’s happening in their lives, and we’re always available to listen. But mostly, we ensure they get safely on their way home.