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What are Street Pastors?

Street Pastors are called to show the love of Jesus to those whom they meet and to be a listening ear, a practical help, a ready friend and a prayerful presence on the streets of Cullompton.

Street Pastors are called to be open and approachable, and to take responsibility as citizens of integrity to make our streets a better and a safer place to be.

We have been called to this ministry and trained for it. We rely on the power and sensitivity of God’s Spirit; his quiet guidance and his desire to bring glory to Jesus in everything we do.

Prayer Pastors

Prayer Pastors are called to be faithful supporters of the Street Pastors. As partners in the work God has set before the Street Pastors, Prayer Pastors aim to remain alert to the opportunities to call upon God to release His power, light and love into dark and difficult situations late into the night.

The Cullompton Street Pastors Coordinator is Elaine Manktelow.

You can email her at