Police in Doncaster have been working in partnership with local street pastors to provide support and assistance so they can continue with their selfless work offering help to the community.

All of the street pastors, who are members of a number of local churches volunteer their time to patrol Doncaster during evenings at the weekend, to keep residents safe and offer support to anyone who may be in need.

To help the pastors continue with their generous work, police have been providing support to the voluntary group by offering assistance and guidance where possible to aid their activity.

Some of the most recent support provided by police in Doncaster, which enabled pastors to maintain this activity, received recognition from the voluntary group.

The recognition received, acknowledged the support officers provided when street pastors were providing support to vulnerable people on two separate weekends in Doncaster town centre during March.

In both incidents, special constables and Special Chief Inspector Adrian Fuller were recognised for their commitment to go above and beyond to offer assistance to pastors who were helping and providing care to members of the public.

Rod Morrison, the coordinator at Doncaster Street Pastors has commented on this partnership work: “Doncaster Street Pastors represent the church, in action on the streets of Doncaster, as it seeks to care for, to listen to, and to help the people of our community. Although the emphasis of what we do is practical action on the streets, we also enter into conversations, and offer a listen¬ing ear, in confidence, to any who are burdened with troubles. Street Pastors are able to direct people to appropriate agencies if required, or answer questions about faith.

However, we could not do what we do without the help and support of our partners in the local council, Doncaster Pubwatch and those who work in the night time economy, and not least South Yorkshire Police. It is through working together as a team and not as individual groups in isolation that we can all offer appropriate care and protection to people in our town, and help them to have a safe and enjoyable night in the town centre at week-ends”

Superintendent Neil Thomas has also commented on work done by the street pastors: “The selfless and dedicated work of the street pastors began when their voluntary team was launched in Doncaster in December 2011.

“Since this launch, they have and continue to give thousands of hours of their time, to keep Doncaster and its communities safe, and South Yorkshire Police are proud to be in full support of this work and dedication.

“This is just one of the many successful partnerships collaborations South Yorkshire Police are involved in and the recognition received in Doncaster illustrates the success of this work.”

Police will now continue to work alongside street pastors and other partner organisations to keep all of South Yorkshire’s residents safe.