To Doncaster Street Pastors


To Doncaster Street Pastors


To Doncaster Street Pastors

Doncaster Street Pastors

We are part of the international Street Pastors network, dedicated to serving those out late at night on the streets of Doncaster. We are committed to bringing the love of Jesus in practical ways to those in need.


Our pastors patrol the streets of central Doncaster in teams of three every Saturday night, as well as on bank holiday Sundays, race nights during Leger week, Mad Friday and other special occasions.


By caring, listening, and helping – through providing free flip-flops to ladies walking bare-foot, or water to those needing it, or giving first aid to the injured, or accompanying vulnerable people to safety, or simply listening to those who want to talk – we aim to keep the people of Doncaster safe when having a night out in town, and to share the love of Jesus with all whom we meet.


We do not go out to preach. We simply go out to help people be safe, and enjoy their night out


Since we started patrolling in December 2011, we have had contact with over fifteen-and-a-half thousand people and helped nearly ten-and-a-half thousand.


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Doncaster Street Pastors is a company limited by guarantee.

Registered in England, Company Number 07799218.

Registered Office: United Reformed Church, Ardeen Road, Doncaster, DN2 5EU

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Doncaster Street Pastors resume after lock-down

It is September 2021 and Doncaster Street Pastors are packing their bags and starting to patrol again in the centre of town on Saturday nights – the first time since lock-down in March 2020.

We are taking precautions to be covid-safe, which means that we are avoiding physical contact with people. We are still able to offer flip-flops or water to those in need, but are restricted in what first aid we can give. We carry small first aid packs of antiseptic wipes and plasters for people to self-administer.

We will not be able to physically support people who are unable to walk unaided, and to help them to a taxi or other transport home. However, we will not abandon them, but will try our best to monitor their situation until they recover sufficiently, and will accompany any who can walk unaided yet who may be vulnerable, to try to get them to a safe destination.

As always, we are here to help you as best we can, to care for you, and to listen to you should you wish to talk.



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