Last Friday we were patrolling the streets of Acton.  We now patrol from 11pm in Acton so we can be available later in the morning as people come out of the bars.   We were just finishing our patrol when a man approached us.

He was so pleased to see us and couldn’t stop thanking us.  He said about a year ago the Street Pastors had helped to get him off the street.   Since then lots of different agencies had helped him and he now had his own place and he had been out of prison for a whole year.  This is someone who is about 30 and had been in prison 19 times already!

He was full of life and joy.  He had celebrated Christmas with both his estranged parents and in fact had brought them together to celebrate with him.  He was also in touch with his children and building relationship with them.

It was a wonderful story.  A story in which we played a very small part but nevertheless significant.  May God continue to bless him and help him.

This coming Friday we will be patrolling in Southall from 10pm.  Look out for us. If you see us say hello.  We are very friendly.