Here’s a flavour of what happened amongst the three Ealing Street Pastor patrols over the weekend:

  • The team met a man who had been helped 7 years ago by Street Pastors and remembered us. He was very grateful for the help he had received and was now on his feet.  Lots of hugs and handshakes.
  • A homeless man, there are a few who don’t want any help to get off the street, wanted some socks.  Fortunately we carried an airline pack which we gave him.  It included a new toothbrush and toothpaste.  We emailed St Mungo’s to inform them of him.
  • We met some club-owners who invited us in for a soft drink – we are welcomed now which is lovely
  • Lollipops were given out – they are a great way to break down barriers and the toughest looking person will often agree to take one, then others join in and everyone breaks into smiles and laughter
  • We gave out our cards which signpost help from many different agencies
  • We gave out a space blanket to another homeless man

We love it, it’s a privilege to be there to help people on our streets.