So much encouragement as people are expressing the fact that they like us on the street. The previous week in Ealing Broadway on Saturday we were overwhelmed by the encouragement and thanks received from so many people.

Street Pastor Team: Alison, Anthony, Geeta, Beverley, Vera, Donald and Susan with one observer Angela

  • It was a mildish night, with a lot of people about. We gave out lots of cards and lollipops.
  • As usual the security guards outside pubs, clubs and shops asked for lollipops.
  • We met quite a crowd outside a pub with a group of fairly drunk guys who wanted hugs and photos.
  • We met 4 Belgian lads who were in London for the first time and didn’t know how to get bus tickets. They didn’t have contactless bank cards, and the Ticket Stops aren’t open late so we sent them to Acton Town.
  • We were invited into the Belvedere, where it was pretty lively disco-type music and dancing.
  • A group of teenagers were trying to cadge cigarettes from passers-by. Had a good chat.
  • Gave flip-flops to a girl who was walking with her friend up to Acton Vale. They were really pleased, and said we were wonderful.