Ealing Broadway has quite a nightlife – a number of pubs and clubs stay open into the early morning. Acton has one large pub and two nightclubs that are active until after 3am. In Southall street prostitution and drugs are some of the main issues. Many people out at this time of night will be the worse for drink, and trouble can easily arise. Often our very presence can help diffuse a tense situation.  We are also a place of safety enabling those who can’t do it for themselves, to find the way home either by bus or cab.


Between 2012-2013 we:

  • Undertook 43 Patrols
  • Collected 445 bottles (to prevent their use as weapons)
  • Contacted in depth 727 people
  • Helped 15 rough sleepers into accommodation
  • Gave away bottles of water (donated by Danone), flip-flops, lollipops, space blankets and food.


Ealing Street Pastors
We are from churches in the borough of Ealing giving our time freely
caring, listening and helping people on Friday and Saturday nights.
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