1: Jeni

Jeni – tell us how lockdown is affecting you?

Well, it’s a huge disappointment not to be patrolling as a Street Pastor, but I fully appreciate the reasons why we have to stop for now. The hospitality industry is suspended and so those people we normally look after and care for simply are not on the streets.


So what I’ve done is to look for other ways I can help. I’m making meals for residents in a hostel – last week I had 10 meals to make, the week before it was 17! It’s a great privilege to be involved in helping others, you really do feel you can make a difference.

That’s in addition to my relatives who are “shielding” – my mother in law and an elderly aunt, both of whom need more care during the pandemic. Again, it’s a joy to be active in helping others at a time like this.

The other aspect of being a Street Pastor is sharing the good news of Jesus Christ – how do we do that when we can’t go out? Well, we have a solution! You may know that many churches have excellent on-line Sunday services and so in a similar way we will be starting an on-line discussion group by video conferencing looking at the Christian faith called “Alpha”. People can sign up and take part from the comfort of their own home, wherever that is in the world!

If you would like to know more then please let Jeni know or contact Edinburgh Street Pastors at edinburgh@streetpastors.org.uk