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It would not be possible for Edinburgh Street Pastors to do the great work that they do without generous donations from churches, companies and individuals. Individual Street Pastors are completely voluntary but there are many other cost involved. From flip flops to water and hot coffee to blankets, there are all sorts of items we need to purchase to make our service possible.
Here are some items that you donation could go towards……

  • £10: Over 30 Bottles of water
  • £25: Lollies & tea & coffee for a whole year
  • £30: 10 blankets to keep the homeless warm, for the night
  • £35: One fully stocked first aid kit
  • £72: 60 pairs of Flip flops
  • £150: uniform for one Street Pastor

As well as these items Edinburgh Street Pastors employ a Co-ordinator part time and have significant yearly costs involved with training new recruits as part of a plan to provide patrols on both Friday and Saturday nights throughout the year.

However large or small your donation is, Edinburgh Street Pastors would be grateful if you could hit the button below which will take you to the CAF website