Prayer Requests

August 2021 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for L, and others like her troubled with mental health issues and addictions. Pray they will come to know God loves them and has a purpose for their lives.

Please pray for the man we met outside the Railway Tavern, that he will find answers to his situation that restore some normality to his life.

Please pray for Angela, that the issues that caused her late-night journey will be resolved.

Please pray for S, an elderly lady who sits on the floor outside shops all day. There must be some reason that compels her to spend the day sat on the pavement. We had previously encouraged her to call it a day as she was about to reach a significant birthday.

Please pray for Margaret, for peace and stability in her life. Please pray for her and her mum.

Please pray for Nick from London City Mission who was with us one evening last month, that he will have continuing opportunities to share the Good News with Turkish people, and other Muslims.

Please pray for G, that God’s grace be with him and that he may find God again.

Please pray for Mohammed, that his faith will sustain and help with his life issues.
Please pray for his personal safety. He said he’s looking for a job and he’s got heart problems. Pray about his immigration status in the UK, and that his wife will become a Christian.