Prayer Requests

September 2020
Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for those who for different reasons go missing. As we’re a partner of Missing People we often get requests to look out for people who have gone missing, many of them young people. Many do get found but please pray for those who are still missing.

Please pray for those running shops, that their businesses will become viable again after the months of lockdown.

Please pray for rough sleepers, that they can stay safe and well, and for those with mental health issues, that they don’t fall out of the system.

Please thank God that we find the people at the bars and pubs are behaving well as they enjoy their night out.

August 2020
Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray underage young people will go home after their party or event has finished, rather than stay around hoping something more will happen. Pray for those who want to go home to have the courage to do so, and not come under peer group pressure.

Please pray for the two young ladies we spoke and prayed with, that they would have sensed something of God’s love through the prayers. Pray things will change for them at work, and in their family and relationship problems.

Please pray for staff and owners of late-night venues. The bad weather meant there was poor business for bars, late night shops and takeaways.

Thank God that there were no vulnerable people wandering the streets while we were out.