Prayer Requests

December 2021 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Many people ask us what we do, giving us an opportunity to share. Please pray that, as the response is always positive, that it will sow a seed of God’s love in their lives.

Please thank God that we were available for the young lady who needed a phone, and the elderly lady waiting on her own at a bus stop.

Please pray that Pedro will find a church where he and his family can have fellowship and grow in God’s truth.

Please thank God for the Salvation Army team who regularly cover the area we cover in Edmonton. Please pray they will see break-throughs with the girls they are working with.

 There are many vulnerable people like Jez out late at night. Please pray they can come into more settled circumstances, and find release from those things that can hinder this.

Please thank God for the opportunity to meet people Christians don’t often meet, and have the opportunities to share God’s love with them.

Please pray for Sheila’s daughter, Frances, regarding her ‘issues’.

Please pray for David that, whatever his problems, his contact with us will help to draw him towards the fact that God loves and cares for him.

Please pray for T, an alcoholic who is banned from the family home because of his disruptive behaviour. Thank God the door was open for a Christmas celebration, and pray he settles in the new flat he has been provided.

Please pray for wives/husbands left at home while their partner goes out for a drink. Please pray for peace in the home, protection for the children, and consideration and respect for each other.

Please pray for the young guy who approached us outside Taps, that he will act on his desire to attend a church and find one from the list we gave him.

November 2021 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please continue praying for Mohammed, that he will be kept safe and meeting people who can help him.

Please thank God that on November 5th, a night that can be very busy for the Police and other Emergency Services, Enfield Town was very quiet and peaceful.

Please continue to pray for ladies on their own late at night who could feel vulnerable

Please pray for V, a working girl, but so ready to chat and ask for prayer. Pray that our contact with her and prayers will open the door for God into her life.

Please pray for the community who have to live with the presence of working girls on the streets, particularly families with children when these girls are out during the day. Pray for the agencies seeking to deal with the situation, and for success for the Salvation Army team as they aim to take these girls out of this lifestyle.

Please pray for B, that she will come to know that, in the midst of her difficult circumstances, God loves her and cares for her.

Please pray for Daniel as he grows in his knowledge and love of Jesus.

Thank God that we met up again with D. His previous meeting with us gave him reasons to stop doing negative things and sort his life out. Who knows what God is doing in people’s lives as God’s people sow to the Spirit (Galatians 6:8-9)!

Please thank God that things have changed for him.

Please pray that, through meeting us again, he sees the relevance of having Jesus in his life, and comes to know Jesus as his saviour.

Please pray for security staff as they work unsocial hours, often on top of other jobs. Pray for strength and safe keeping.