Prayer Requests

October 2023 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Enfield Town 06.10.23

Once again, please pray for those on security at Enfield’s late-night venues and businesses, that they will be kept safe and businesses be able to find ways to deal with shoplifting.

 Fore Street, Edmonton. 13.10.23

Please pray for the couple who’d been evicted from their home, that they can be quickly re-housed.

Please pray for the ‘All people All Places’ Drop-in Centre in Fore Street, that it will be well used and that the case workers can help post homeless people and rough sleepers in the right direction.

Please pray for those like Eddie who used to be homeless but now have a room, but struggle with the practicalities.

Please thank God for those churches who provide food and facilities for homeless people and rough sleepers.

 Enfield Town 20.10.23

Please pray for Dalano and Michael. Please pray that the hour-long conversation about God and Jesus will open their eyes to the truth, and lead to an ongoing search for the truth. Please pray for them both and also Dalano’s brother Jordan who he asked us to pray for.

Please pray for Alan, that the years he has spent on the streets will take a change towards a more settled lifestyle.

Please continue to pray regarding possible conflict through the situation outside O’Neill’s with young people drinking in the street and inhaling N2O.

 Chase Side, Southgate. 27.10.23

Please pray for Lee, and all who are affected by the conflict in Israel.

Please pray for Gabriel as he seemed to have Christian roots. Pray that quoting John 3:16 as related him will be a spark that awakens him to his need of God in his life.

September 2023 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Chase Side, Southgate. Enfield Town. 01.09.23

Please pray for Yasser on security at Tesco Express in Southgate, and all others on security, that they will be kept safe and be able to find ways to deal with aggressive shoplifting.

Three Bibles given out. Please pray they will be read and that God’s Word will speak to people and awaken them to their need of salvation.

Fore Street, Edmonton. 08.09.23

Thank God for the lively and committed group of young Brazilian Christians we met outside their church prayer meeting. Pray they will be a blessing to the community.

Please pray about the groups of guys who sit together in the Shopping Centre, that they will gather peacefully and not be a nuisance to the residents upstairs.

Please pray for the elderly gentleman, and others out on the streets because of loneliness, that they will find their way to churches and other places where they can meet others.

 Enfield Town 15.09.23

Please pray for the two men with special needs outside McDonalds. Thank God the team were able to address their loneliness by giving them time to listen to them, for which they were so grateful.

Please pray for students like Hammad, working in local shops and businesses in order to fund their studies, that they will do well and get good jobs.

 Chase Side, Southgate. Enfield Town. 22.09.23

Please pray the Southgate Food Centre, and other local businesses, see an upturn next year.

Please pray for Norman, and other rough sleepers like him, that he can get on the system and receive the help he needs to get off the streets.

Please continue to pray for peace in our communities as people leave the pubs and bars and make their way home.