Prayer Requests

March 2023 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for Madelaine, that she will read the Christian booklet and that it will encourage her.

Please pray for those who are angry with God, that they will meet those who can help them see God loves them, not mean them harm.

Please thank God for Michael and his desire to see young people kept safe. Thank God for the opportunity to meet him, hear his story and pray together.

Please pray for the young prostitute who was stabbed. Pray these girls can find a better life style that still meets their financial needs.

Thank God for Street Link and all those involved with helping homeless people.
Please pray for homeless people as they seek to navigate their way through the system.
Please pray for the drop-in centre hosted by Edmonton Methodist Church, that homeless people and rough sleepers go and will avail themselves of the services they provide.

Please pray for people like Anthony who through drink can become aggressive and a problem for others as well as making himself vulnerable.

Please pray for those like Toby who, after too much drink get confused as to their journey home.

February 2023 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for Maddie and the two school teachers, that the prayer with the SPs would have opened a window to see God loves them.

Please pray for the homeless people we met this month:
Laura and Norman in Southgate.
Alli in Enfield Town, especially as he’s diagnosed with Cancer.
Hamed. He seems in control of his situation but can still be vulnerable.
Gary and Adam in Enfield Town.
Please pray that the authorities can get them the help they need.

Please pray for Muslims we meet who say they love Jesus. Please pray their eyes are opened to see the ‘real’ Jesus, and not just the downgraded one of Islam.

Please pray for our Turkish friends as they grieve and are worried about those suffering as a result of the earthquake.

Please pray for Baresh as he grieves the loss of family members in Turkey, and pray for those like his uncle who survived, that comfort and appropriate help will be available as needed.

Please pray for Jan, that he will get help for his alcoholism.

Please pray for the man in the wheelchair, that he will get the help he needs.

Please pray for Christopher. His condition can mean he’s rejected in so many ways, even by his family, so he appreciated the fact that someone stopped to talk to him and say positive things to him. We gave him the leaflet about the drop-in centre for rough sleepers so pray he can read and understand, and go along and get help and advice.

Please pray for Ray. He has a Christian background and loves God, but his way of life gets in the way of fellowship and a stable life.