Prayer Requests

2021 Prayers during Lockdown for Enfield

Thank God for the work of Street Pastors throughout the UK as together we seek to make a difference in our communities in the night time economy.

Because of the pressure of lockdown, here are a few points connected with our experience as Street pastors:
Please pray for the security staff we meet at the venues, many of whom are in financial difficulty at the moment.
Pray for the venue staff and managers on furlough
Please pray for high street businesses having a difficult time at the moment through closure.
Please pray for taxi drivers who will be suffering loss of custom due to the lockdown.
Please pray for any suffering from domestic abuse or neighbourhood abuse.
Please pray any homeless people not in the system, and those with mental health issues, and others who are vulnerable on the streets late at night

October 2020 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for Pete as he deals with past addictions. Pray he will make time to get back into fellowship at St Andrews and make friends in the area.
Thank God there are people like Bash who look to create practical solutions to help vulnerable people. Please pray his current project will be successful.
Please pray about the situation in Edmonton involving the prostitutes. This is a concern locally, particularly for businesses and families with children in the area. Please pray for the authorities as they seek to deal with this, and for those agencies, including the Salvation Army, who are working to help these ladies find a better future.
Please pray about people being trafficked into this and other kinds of lifestyle.
Please pray for Jason, that our conversation with him, our prayer for him, and the ‘Why Jesus?’ booklet we gave him, will open him to the truth about God and Jesus.
Please thank God for the work of the Salvation Army’s Safe Homes team as they work on the streets with a view to helping street workers find a more fruitful way of life. They provide safe houses where those trapped in these life styles can escape from those who are controlling them.
Please continue to pray from homeless people and rough sleepers who don’t appear to have got into the system. Pray they can get the help they need.
Please pray for Pete. His partner has Dementia and has been moved to a care home. Please pray he will find a way to adjust to this and not revert to alcohol as an escape route. Pray that, having a Catholic background and some consciousness of God, he will go to a church and seek help there.
Please pray for relationships like the couple at the bus stop. People are feeling the pressures and tensions of the present situation, and this is putting pressure on relationships.
Please pray for Arty, and so many other students, feeling frustrated and isolated by the lockdown situation.
Please pray for the people who are just wandering the streets late at night, some under influences, others just lonely and with nowhere particular to go.
Please pray for the lady serving in the general store. Pray that she would have sensed something of God’s love. Thank God that, though from another faith background, she responded to us and what we shared. Pray for her two young babies and her disabled brother.
Please pray for George and Alex, for George in particular as he struggles with life. Pray that this meeting will open their eyes to God’s truth and love as against the religion they would have been brought up with.
Please pray for Rabi in the cab office. Please pray that our chats with these guys over the years would bear fruit, and their eyes will be opened to see the truth in Jesus.
Please pray for Abu, that his contact with Street Pastors would have introduced him to the fact that God loves him. Pray he felt affirmed through the fact we stayed and gave him a sympathetic hearing.