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Prayer Requests

November 2019
Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray:

Many who come for an evening out are new to Enfield, please thank God we are around to help them locate their way home, and stand with young ladies on their own till their transport arrives.

Please pray for Sandra, an elderly lady who likes to sit on the pavement outside a shop. Please pray for her future, that she will be able to break this habit when she celebrates her 70th Birthday next year.

Though the presence of the prostitutes is not welcome in the community, please pray for their safety on the streets.

The drunk young lady we helped, and the young lady in tears, are just pictures of the way the end of an evening can be tragic for some. Please continue to pray that young ladies in will be more careful over the amount of alcohol they consume; their vulnerability to predatory guys; and the possibility of the drinks being spiked.

Pray for the young lady whose friend was killed recently, that she will return to church again and come to know Jesus.

Please pray for the young man whose partner had lost a baby, that God would comfort them, and that thy would find a better way forward than just trying to blot out the memory through alcohol.

Please pray that the phase ‘we don’t believe in religion, but in a relationship with God’, will stay with the man from Turkey, and prompt him to look more into what it means.

Thank God for the opportunities to pray with people. Please pray the memory with stay with them and lead them to get to know the God we are praying to.

Thank God that we were there for the young lady sat with her head in her hands, and able to help her through to becoming sober.

Thank God we were able to relate to her male friends regarding her journey home, and for the expression of appreciation from her Muslim friend over what he could see was Christian compassion and care.

Thank God we were able to monitor, and to some extent control, the disconnected attempts of the other lady’s friends to find their way home, and care for her in the process.

Please pray for taxi drivers who risk having drunk and unpredictable people in their vehicles.

Please than God for another person who remembers friends being helped by Street Pastors.

October 2019
Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray:

Please pray for a young man called Anthony. His accident affected many aspects of his life, meaning he’s in sheltered housing. Please pray about his future, and about the release of his compensation.

We met a guy looking for his girlfriend. Please continue to pray for relationships that can become volatile after alcohol is consumed, leading to break ups and hurt.

Please continue to pray about the wide use of Nitrous Oxide gas amongst people, as it’s so easily obtained because of its use in the catering industry.

Please pray for Solomon. He has a strong Christian background, and on these occasions, he can be a very persuasive ‘evangelist’ with his mates on the streets, but he struggles with the issues that seem common to many of his friends: drink, gambling, and a dysfunctional lifestyle. Please pray for a breakthrough in his life.

Please pray for groups of younger guys who can be reasonably harmless but want a bit of fun. As this can be at others expense, please pray they can be more considerate of others, and keep out of trouble.

Please pray for those for whom the end of the evening can be a difficult time because of a broken relationship or for some other reason.

The names of people we meet may suggest different faith backgrounds. Please pray they sense something of the love of God and His truth through our contacts with them.

Please pray that those who use alcohol to drown out the issues in their lives will find the peace and love of God is better.

Please pray for marriages and for help for those encountering difficulties in their relationships.

Thank God we have experienced little by way of violent incidences in Enfield or elsewhere. Pray for God’s peace to pervade our streets and calm to come upon our neighbourhoods.

A man we met near McDonalds behaved in a way that made him vulnerable to abuse. Please pray that people take care what they drink so that they don’t find themselves in this situation.