Prayer Requests

June 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for older ladies who may be ‘nomadic’, and have problems with alcohol and mental health issues. Pray for their Social Workers, for patience and care.

Please pray for Chris, an older gentleman, about the pains he had in various parts of his body.

Two possible cases of spiked drinks. Please pray people will take notice of the Spiked Drinks leaflet we give out and use the Spikeys. In particular. Please pray for a good outcome for the young guy and young lady in this instance.

Please pray for Brian. His daughter is moving away which leaves him on his own. There must be many elderly people without family nearby to call on when needed.

Pray for Jamal as he seeks to set up his own business, and that his contact with Christians will open his eyes to God’s love and salvation.

Please pray for couples whose evening drinking at the pub can finish with distress. Pray for reconciliation in the morning when they’ve sobered up.

May 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray or Greg and Chloe, that they will settle into the accommodation provided for them.

Please pray for Wizz, early 20s, and homeless. Please pray for safety, and that he would get the help and support he needs.

Please pray for struggling businesses like Alex’s Sandwich Bar, that they will see an increase in custom.

Please pray for Vani, that his leg will heal and that he can find accommodation.

Please pray about the open use of Nitrous Oxide as a stimulant, that action can be taken to protect the vulnerable from getting involved.

Please pray for security staff as they deal with difficult situations and maintain order in their venues.

Please pray for Elena, and all who work in mental Health, as they cope with the difficulties there can be with patients.

Please pray for J who shared quite intimate details about abuse and other issues where she has hurts that need to be healed. Please pray that talk and offers of prayer will register with her and cause her to turn to God.

Please pray for Jamal as he would like to start his own business. Pray that the experience of being prayed for will open a door to the things of God.

Thank God, that later in the month, there was no sign of Nitrous Oxide inhaling.

Pray for the staff of O’Neill’s as they establish rules for customers, that it will have a positive impact.