Prayer Requests

September 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for the people who identified as Christians yet who’s current lifestyle didn’t demonstrate it. Please pray their contact with SPs will reawaken their relationship with Jesus.

Please pray for Saen and his family, about his painful hip, his daughter and grandchildren.

Please pray for Solomon. He speaks very highly of our prayers and advice to him in the past. Pray it becomes a real life-changing reality for him, for he can be quite a witness when he meets us.

Please thank God for the opportunities to stand with ladies waiting for their buses home on their own late at night, so they feel safe.

Please pray for the restaurant owner, driven to make his business a success but concerned for the conflict it causes and threatens his marriage. Pray his contact and time with SPs will have blessed him and help him find peace and fruitful ways forward.

Please pray for peace in our communities, especially in Enfield Town when the venues close and any unwise action can spark a flame.

Please pray for Liam, probably late teens yet homeless, pray things will speed up for him in terms of getting promised help more quickly so he’s off the streets before winter.

Please pray about the number of young ladies from Eastern Europe begging on the streets.

Please pray for Cathy as she looks out for her mum who can cause problems because of the dementia.

August 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for J, the Brazilian Pastor, his wife and daughter, and their church, as they reach out to the Brazilian community.

Please pray for the Jamaican gentleman, that he can answer his Granddaughter’s questions about God and life.

Pray he will start going to church again so he could get some help on these matters.

Thank God we were able to speak to the security guy, and he allowed him in to do his shop.

Please pray for Armed, for his safety and well-being as a homeless person.

We met two people in distress. Please pray for them and many others distressed and fearful over their circumstances.

Please pray for Y that, having come off drugs, she can steer a fruitful course through the months ahead.

Violence can happen so easily when drink fuelled tempers flare. Please pray for peace in Enfield and elsewhere when large number of people leave the venues, and protection for vulnerable young ladies.

July 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please thank God for fruitful evenings, and for the opportunities to talk with people about Jesus, and pray with people. Please pray that seeds sown will bear fruit and not fall on bad soil.

Please pray for Yoda, the Turkish lady who broke her bottle of cooking oil. Thank God the team were there for her and that they had an opportunity to pray with her and bless her.

Thank God the team were around for the couple who needed overnight accommodation, and for the church that was prepared to open its doors for them.

Please continue to pray for late night businesses, for protection against unwanted activity and theft.

Please pray for D as he struggles with alcoholism. Please pray his encounter with Street Pastors will draw him towards God.

Please pray for the lady with alcohol problems, and shop keepers like the one in Enfield Town who can find they are a problem.

Please pray for the guy who said he would appreciate prayer because he’s into fitness but can’t sleep.

Please pray for Carl as he struggles with his health.

Please pray for Mohamad, Kenan and Memet, that their conversations and prayers with SPs will prompt them to search for spiritual reality and find it in Jesus.