Prayer Requests

May 2024 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Fore Street, Edmonton. 03.05.24
Please pray for the guy from Pakistan who is training to be a barrister, that he will reach is goals and that contact with SPs will open his mind to the love of God as experienced through his contact with us as ‘volunteers’.
Please pray for H. After he told us his story we said ‘Yet, you are still alive, God must have a plan for your life’. He said he felt lost, but was convinced God had sent us to him, so please pray for his onward journey, that he will let God into his life and follow Jesus.
Please pray for V, the prostitute that wants out, but needs to do it to earn money for her family. The Salvation Army team are aware of her, so please pray they can help her.
Please thank God for Streetlink as they seek people out and help them.

Enfield Town 10.05.24
Please pray for C, that he finds the motivation and desire to take the help that could be available in Enfield. Pray we can find out about his support base and try and connect him with help.
Please thank God for a relatively quiet evening, but pray for door staff who have the responsibility of keeping things calm and peaceful, often in challenging circumstances.

Enfield Town 17.05.24
Please pray for C and J as they have both been on the streets for years.
Isaiah 65:24. And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will. answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.
Please pray for L, T and J, as, like so many young people, they begin their adult life and seek to navigate the future.

Chase Side, Southgate. 24.05.24
Please pray for B and J in the Oriental Chef. We were able to talk to them at length about the love of God for them, and though the conversation was interrupted by customers, they wanted to continue the conversation. Please pray seed sown will germinate and lead them to salvation.
Please pray for the guy in the car. Though he was inhaling N2O, he was asking questions about church and God, so we have him a Why Jesus? booklet, and a Knowing God Personally booklet. Pray he picks them up and reads them at some point, and that God will speak to him.

Enfield Town. 25.05.24
Please pray for N. She said she felt something was drawing her to God, so Shona had a chat and shared her testimony. She prayer with her that in her changing circumstances she would find God.

April 2024 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Edmonton Fore Street 05.04.24
Please pray for the homeless mums and their children evicted from their home. They were sent to a Travelodge at the Toddington Service Station on the M1 till Monday. After that?
Please pray about these situations as initially the family were expected to make their own way to Toddington!
Please thank God the guys in the Oriental Chef were happy to give them shelter till their taxi came.
Please pray for the homeless lady in the bus station who was very depressed over her situation.

Enfield Town 12.04.24
Please thank God that the brawl outside O’Neill’s was quickly resolved without injury.

Enfield Town 19.04.24
Please pray for C, a homeless man who has been on the streets for years, and as he is getting older, he needs to find a way to get off the street and break the drink habit.

 Chase Side, Southgate. 26.04.24
Please pray for C a young homeless woman we have seen many times over the years and, though she seems organised(!) as a homeless person, she can, none the less, be quite vulnerable on the streets.
Please continue to pray for C, not just for his drinking but also mental health issues.