Prayer Requests

January 2023 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for all the people we had contact with this month.

Please thank God for Fazi’s generosity who, as he was delivery bread, gave us a bag full of bread rolls. Please ask God to bless his business.

Please ask God to clarify things for Mehmet about Jesus. Pray his Christian friend will have opportunities to share, and lead him to faith in Jesus.

 Please pray for young teenagers out late at night, that they will go straight home and be kept safe from any who would tempt them in the wrong direction.

 Rough Sleeper. Please continue to pray for Hamed, that he will get to the drop-in centre at Edmonton Methodist Church, and get advice and help on getting off the streets.

Please pray for the Muslim guys in the Cab Office. Our regular friendly visits have built a relationship, and they are prepared to ask for prayer.

People are impressed with the fact that we are there for them, that we’re kind! It often prompts a connection with us and God. Please pray it develops for them from there.

December 2022 Enfield Street Pastors Prayer Points

Please pray for all the people we had contact with in December.

In particular, please pray for a young lady called J, tempted on a number of occasions to commit suicide. Thank God she acknowledged His hand on her life in preventing her going ahead at those times. Please pray she will meet other Christians who can help her deal with her confusing thoughts.

Please pray for those with whom we had the opportunity to share about Jesus, and those who received a gospel or leaflet.

Please pray for the gentleman from Iran, that his interest in Jesus and contact with Christians will lead him to salvation.

Please pray about the situation outside a local venue. Security run a tight ship but get blamed when those who are not allowed in gather and drink nearby. They then come along when the venue closes and cause trouble, sometimes needing the Police. A simple solution in other towns is a Police unit parked nearby.