School Pastors

School Pastor in Enfield

Back in 2012, Enfield School Pastors began at the invitation of Enfield Police so as to have a uniformed presence on the streets near schools at home time with a view to helping reduce street crime experienced by pupils, and aid safe travel home. Consequently, Enfield School Pastors patrolled when the pupils exited on Monday afternoons in a particular location in Edmonton. On these patrols we regularly met students from four Senior Schools, as well as the parents and pupils from three local Primary Schools.

A new phase

Under Jane Chappell, Coordinator, for Enfield School Pastors, we now have a relationship with an Enfield Senior School where we do a regular Friday lunch club for pupils. These pupils are recommended by their Year Head so that, through art and crafts, we can chat with the pupils about matters relating to their well-being. We also do an after school patrol around some local shops with a view to safe and speedy travel home for the pupils who gather there.

What is a School Pastor?

A School Pastor cares for and supports a ‘school community’. They promote safety and aim to reduce anti-social behaviour. School Pastors are there to listen, care, and help young people to become good citizens. We are a uniformed presence in the school and on the streets, and, our presence can be an effective deterrent to theft, and an aid to pupil safety which is appreciated by pupils and parents alike. We are also a help to those shop keepers who have groups of pupils on their premises on thier way home. For more information please contact Jane Chappell on 07905 660789.