We’d love you to consider joining Exeter Street Pastors as a Street Pastor, a Prayer Pastor or an ESP Friend in Exeter!

Are you interested in serving as a Street Pastor on the streets of Exeter, a Prayer Pastor providing vital prayer support behind the scenes or as an ESP Friend helping us to fund bottled water, flip-flops and other necessities?

Street Pastors and Prayer Pastors

Are you … ?

1) Over 18?
2) A regular attender of a local church?
3) Able to provide a positive reference from the leader of the church?
4) Able to clear a DBS Check?

And are you also … ?

1) Committed to the Christian faith?
2) Committed to the Street Pastors ethos?
3) Committed to developing a non-judgmental attitude towards others?
4) Committed to showing unconditional love to anyone and everyone?


Are you … ?

1) Over 18?
2) Of good standing in the community?
3) In agreement with the Street Pastors ethos?
4) Committed to financially supporting the work of Exeter Street Pastors on a regular basis?

Please contact us to discuss the possibility of joining Exeter Street Pastors!