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Do I have what it takes?

“I am too old”              There is no upper age limit!  Many of us are grandparent figures to                                       the young people on the streets.

“I am too young”         You can be a Street Pastor from the age of 18.

“I am not fit enough”   We stroll around the town, it is not strenuous but can be tiring.                                             Some of us take a turn at staying behind to pray and so get a bit                                          of a break. Others prefer to be a Prayer Pastor and stay at the                                              base for the shift.

“I can’t cope with late nights”     This is the case for many of us or maybe even most of                                          us!  But God blesses us with being alert during the night and                                                helping us recover the next day or two.

“I am too shy”              We are a team and we need quieter people as well as the                                                    extroverts!

“I am afraid”                  God is with us!  It is extremely rare for a Street Pastors to be                                                harmed – you are more likely to be hugged than attacked!