Please click on the link below to read of the ‘Good News’ reports and positive interventions our teams have had during July and August this year.

GSP good news & interventions July-August 2016

The teams continue to serve faithfully every weekend handing out numerous bottles of water, flip flops, sleeping bags or blankets and clearing the streets of endless amounts of bottles and broken glass. Most importantly they have been there to care for lots of vulnerable individuals, supporting them to get home safely, get medical attention or receive prayer when asked.

If you know any regular church members who might be interested in joining us as team members with Gloucester Street Pastors or your church is interested in having us along for a presentation of what we do and why do it please do get in touch. We do need more team members in the coming months as volunteers come and go, as we are committed to continue serving the nightlife folks in Gloucester however we can.

If you would like to receive prayer newsletters or find out more about the work of Gloucester Street Pastors then do get in touch on my contact details shown below.

Sue Dalton
Gloucester Street Pastors

07970 702020

Registered Charity number 1139142