Please click on the link below to read the latest updates on the work of Gloucester Street Pastors during November and December 2022.

GSP good news & interventions November – December 2022

We have an amazing team of volunteers who have been out in all weathers over the the last couple of months and during the Christmas and New Year period. It is  great to be able to support those out in the pubs and clubs over the weekend in Gloucester City centre and to help keep people safe in practical ways. We have been able to care, listen and help by handing out bottles of water, flip flops and safety blankets. We have cleared away empty bottles and broken glass. We have helped to ensure that people get home safely and provided first aid assistance.

Please pray for safety and God’s protection and blessing for our teams and the people they meet on the streets .

If you would like any more information about the work of Gloucester Street Pastors or want to know more about how to join us as either a Street Pastor or to get more involved in prayer support please contact Sue Dalton, administrator on 07970 702020 or email