Gloucester Street Pastors has been serving in the nightlife of our city for just over 6 years now in partnership with the local Police force and support from numerous community and church groups.

Our aim is simply to ‘care, listen and help’ folks out in the city clubs and pubs with practical acts of support. This can include things such as helping vulnerable people cut off from friends to get to a taxi or get to their lift home, handing out bottles of water to folks in a distressed state or flip flops to ladies leaving clubs at the end of evening with shoes in their hands. We are not out to to preach but will happily pray with folks who ask or answer questions about our faith and the reasons we do what we do.

We are part of a national and international interdenominational church response to urban problems in doing all of this.

Please do get in touch if you would like to know more or are part of a church and would like to consider applying to join the team or become a prayer supporter.